Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter 2011

We all know my love of nail polish :)

So this means that I follow a TON of nail blogs!  We'll, one of the blogs that I follow, The Polished Perfectionist, is having a 500 follower giveaway!  She's overseas in Holland so her give away includes hard to obtain polishes for us that are state side!

You have until the 18th of May to enter if you want but you should certainly check her out if you like seeing nail pretties like I do :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Video of the Harvest tornado

This tornado is the same line that took out Phil Campbell.  It has been classified as a EF-5.

Video of the Cullman tornado

Video of the Tuscaloosa tornado

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A whole new experience

A week ago today thousands of peoples lives changed, some 600,000 people over 4 states were left without power, some lost family members, friends, houses and belongings in what would now become to be known as one of the worst storms in a good while.

I live in Hazel Green, AL and all around us there were tornadoes.  Here are two images of all of the tornado paths.

Our power went out at around 5:15pm on.Wednesday, April 27th.  The main lines that TVA provides our utility company with power were all taken out.  While we were perfectly fine, others around us were going through so much.  Just in the neighboring town of Harvest, lives were lost, homes destroyed, ect.  My mother in law grew up in Harvest as well as her sisters.

A family friend, Bridget, lost her family home in Phil Campbell where most of the town is gone.  Through a group on Facebook, she was able to recover pages of her year book, her last senior picture and a picture of her when she graduated college.  The pictures were found all the way in Tennessee.

I'm thankful every day that my family, all of my family, is safe and that I have a place still to call home.  Our house gained power back sometime around noon yesterday, May 3rd.

Please keep everyone that has been effected by all of these storms in your prayers.  Some people still don't have power and it could be weeks before they see power.

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