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Monday, August 29, 2011

What do you do when it is the hottest summer on record???

You craft!

That's right! You heard me, well, you read me. 

I acquired a new addiction this summer along with thousands, or maybe even millions of people.  Pinterest.  Hit a girl up if you want an invite because I love to enable :)

Well, one day, while letting the children run rampent, I was "pinteresting".  Yes.  It has even acquired it's own verb.  I stumbled across something and got that look in my eye.  Brad got scared.

Melted crayon art.

A two pack of canvases and 6 boxes of 24 count crayons later I was ready to get a craftin'.

Pick your pattern and hot glue the crayons to the canvas

Now with melting you have options.  You could set it outside and use the heat or you could use a heat gun or hair dryer.

My first one I started using the natural heat and got this

It was chunky. I didn't really like it.  So, I let it cool and made another one.

This was the second one I did and my favorite

And with that one, I used Brad's heat gun and I ended up liking the results much, much better.  So much better that I, in fact, took the heat gun to the first one and came up with this

Now they are awaiting me to get up off my butt and finish painting the kids room and hang them up.

One thing at a time.  Who the hell am I kidding? I'm queen of unfinished projects.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Our biggest excitement is that Brad started a new job at work on Sunday night.  He works production at a copper plant and accepted a job as a department leader on 3rd shift. Yea, the shift change sucks, but it is an advancement in the company.  I'm used to him working during the day and being home at night to sleep in the bed with me.  So, needless to say, Sunday night was a little strange.  I was paranoid about it just being me and the kids in the house.
  2. Brayden's first week of school went wonderfully!  He was just chomping at the bit to get out of the car Wednesday for his first day.
  3. Aslynn on the other hand, not so thrilled at having to get up at 7 AM to get Bubby to school. But now she won't have too since Daddy will be home by the time we leave.
  4. I spent some time this weekend with our friends, Ricky and Kelly and their two daughters.  The kids played and had fun, the boys fished and Kelly and I made hair bows.  I think it is time I pulled out my stash of hair bow stuff and start making some more.
  5. I may or may not have tried deer meat for the first time this weekend.  I may or may not have also liked it.
  6. The kids are going to be having a "spendanight" with their MiMi and Keg this weekend before MiMi starts her clincals again.  I know that Monica and Craig will sleep well after the dynamic duo spend some time over there.
  7. Hi, my name is Brittni and I'm addicted to Pinterest.  If you haven't checked it out you should.  And if you need an invite, hit a sister up.  I love enabling people.
  8. Sometime over the course of the summer, my kitchen table was over taken.  And not by anything of mine.  But of Brad's.  His jig making kind of shot off this summer and he's taken over the table and my oven. Oi Vey.
  9. I fried like a southern girl on Sunday night.  That is a BIG deal to me.  I was raised in the south by two yankee parents.  I failed the first time I tried a few weeks ago, but Kelly showed me a few how to's and I feel like Sunday night's squash and zucchini pretty much rocked.
  10. Brayden has started to express himself more which means he is often telling his sister no or uh uh or things like that when she even looks in his general direction.  Lord help me.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!

Instead of buying the kids toys or clothes for their birthdays this year, my sister and brother in law decided to take the kids to the Birmingham Zoo.  Needless to say, it was a hit!  Also it was darn hot! We decided to all trek down on June 12th so go see all of the animals, and for Brayden, the choo choo that rides around the zoo.

I'm thinking that more trips to the Zoo are necessary from now on.  When we went, the Zoo was doing the African Safari so they had elephants! I could probably yak on and on about the Zoo, but I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The Macaws greeted you as you entered the Zoo.

Patiently waiting for the train to move with their cousin, Ryan and Uncle Craig.

Brayden was SOOOOO excited to ride the train!

They did really well and listened.  I was proud.

Brayden loved him.  He didn't want to leave him.

Funny story about the Tiger.  Aslynn really wanted to see the Tiger and when we got to the exhibit, the trainers had him up to the fence where you could get close.  Well, as soon as we walked up behind some people, the Tiger decided that it had had enough interaction and was done, so it sprayed and growled at the crowd.  Needless to say, we lucked out and didn't get sprayed.

Naptime for the kitty.

Aslynn really liked the kitty.

I'm pretty sure it was naptime all over the Zoo.
A little interjection.  It was hotter than Hades.  Now granted we live in Alabama and summer knows no low temps below the 80's for the most part, and this day was no exception.  Monica said that next time we'll go in the fall.  We even got there early in the morning and it was still humid as all get out.

Prior to the trip, Aslynn had started calling horses "who-has" since Brayden would say "yee-haw" every time he watched Toy Story.  Thus her new obsession with "who-has" was born.  

Needless to say that when we rounded the corner and came across the Zebras, Monica got her wish of hearing Aslynn scream "who-has" at the top of her lungs.


Ryan rode the Camel.  Brayden REALLY wanted too but momma vetoed that.

Aslynn and her Uncle Craig.

He wasn't too sure about the splash pad at first but then he didn't want to leave.

gobble, gobble

It's hard work being a Princess

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's a celebration!

On June 19th we celebrated Brayden's 4th birthday and Aslynn's 3rd birthday.

Mickey Mouse was the winner of the theme.  How could we not do a "Hot Dog" birthday.

We were surrounded by friends and family and even though there was a huge storm that day and the power went out while I was finishing the cake, I think it went pretty awesomely.  I'll leave the pictures to do the talking.  Their big gift from Brad and I were their bicycles.  All summer long they begged for them.  They finally got them.

Darn those trick candles that daddy put on the cake.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ooops and a 10 on Tuesday

Life got a little bit busy this summer.  I'm glad it did, I needed a busy summer, but I could really use a vacation. Oh well!  I'll leave you with a 10 on Tuesday and kick start my blogging again.

  1. Brayden starts his 2nd year of pre-K tomorrow.  He has been MORE than excited.  We had orientation last week and ever since then I have heard, " Moooommmm, I'm ready for school".  Bless his heart he is so excited.
  2. My sister and brother in law took the kids and I to the zoo for their birthday.  I have a plethora of pictures to post at a later given time.  Needless to say though, the "hoo-has" were a hit with Aslynn.  Even if they were Zebras.
  3. I have 2 kittens that need homes.  Yes, our lovely Maci gave birth to 5 kittens on June 24th.
  4. My living room got a nice, much needed redo.  I no longer have drawings in various mediums on my walls.  They are a nice shade of Valspar Wet Pavement.  And needless to say, I got a few raised eyebrows when I said I was painting my living room Gray.  I think it is beautiful though.
  5. I've been a crocheting madwoman lately.  I'm currently working on a potholder or two for myself after whipping up a few for my sister per request.
  6. I'll post more about it later, but the kids birthday party was a hit.  For now, you get a picture of their cake in which myself and Toni slaved for a week on the red buttercream.
  7. I'm proud of myself and their cake.
  8. I love the song "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele and I saw this video posted over on another blog earlier today that caused me to smile and belt it out along with her.
  9. I got a wild hair yesterday and started priming the kids bedroom walls for their new coat of paint.  When I bought the paint for the living room, I went ahead and got the paint for the kids room as well because, lets just say, it needs it BAD!  So I started yesterday and the only thing on their walls giving me issues is, wait for it, BROWN SHARPIE.  Brad saw it and asked if they drew on the primer AFTER I painted.  Nope.  I have three coats over the sharpie and no difference.  Ugh.
  10. Heat.  End of story.  It has been hotter than Hades this summer.  No lie.  My utility bill proves it.  My lack of outdoor pictures this summer proves it. I cannot wait for the fall.
  11. I may or may not have expanded my nail polish collection this summer.  I also may or may not require a spreadsheet to track all of said polishes.  I also may or may not have a special little storage unit for said polishes.  

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