Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ooops and a 10 on Tuesday

Life got a little bit busy this summer.  I'm glad it did, I needed a busy summer, but I could really use a vacation. Oh well!  I'll leave you with a 10 on Tuesday and kick start my blogging again.

  1. Brayden starts his 2nd year of pre-K tomorrow.  He has been MORE than excited.  We had orientation last week and ever since then I have heard, " Moooommmm, I'm ready for school".  Bless his heart he is so excited.
  2. My sister and brother in law took the kids and I to the zoo for their birthday.  I have a plethora of pictures to post at a later given time.  Needless to say though, the "hoo-has" were a hit with Aslynn.  Even if they were Zebras.
  3. I have 2 kittens that need homes.  Yes, our lovely Maci gave birth to 5 kittens on June 24th.
  4. My living room got a nice, much needed redo.  I no longer have drawings in various mediums on my walls.  They are a nice shade of Valspar Wet Pavement.  And needless to say, I got a few raised eyebrows when I said I was painting my living room Gray.  I think it is beautiful though.
  5. I've been a crocheting madwoman lately.  I'm currently working on a potholder or two for myself after whipping up a few for my sister per request.
  6. I'll post more about it later, but the kids birthday party was a hit.  For now, you get a picture of their cake in which myself and Toni slaved for a week on the red buttercream.
  7. I'm proud of myself and their cake.
  8. I love the song "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele and I saw this video posted over on another blog earlier today that caused me to smile and belt it out along with her.
  9. I got a wild hair yesterday and started priming the kids bedroom walls for their new coat of paint.  When I bought the paint for the living room, I went ahead and got the paint for the kids room as well because, lets just say, it needs it BAD!  So I started yesterday and the only thing on their walls giving me issues is, wait for it, BROWN SHARPIE.  Brad saw it and asked if they drew on the primer AFTER I painted.  Nope.  I have three coats over the sharpie and no difference.  Ugh.
  10. Heat.  End of story.  It has been hotter than Hades this summer.  No lie.  My utility bill proves it.  My lack of outdoor pictures this summer proves it. I cannot wait for the fall.
  11. I may or may not have expanded my nail polish collection this summer.  I also may or may not require a spreadsheet to track all of said polishes.  I also may or may not have a special little storage unit for said polishes.  

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