Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10 on Tuesday-Rainy Day Edition

  1. It's been September for three weeks round about now and I have to admit that my laptop desktop is still the August calendar.  I'll get around to changing it soon, maybe.
  2. Tonight starts the first of 7 nights that the hubster and I will be babysitting his 12 year old brother. His parents are going to the beach until the 29th.  I'm almost ready to beg the in-laws to take me with them.  I won't eat much, I promise.
  3. I'm welcoming Fall with open arms as long as it promises to stay around for a while and not run off into frigid temps.  Currently, it is drizzly outside and it rained yesterday.  I'm at peace with that.
  4. I may or may not have taken a massive, rain induced nap yesterday while the whole house was asleep.  Laundry, what laundry?
  5. I'm going to be that person and say a little over 2 months until my birthday. Normally, I'm not excited about it this far back BUT.....
  6. MY MOMMY IS COMING!  This will be my first birthday in over 10 years that I will get to be with my mom and that is the best present EVER. 
  7. I may or may not also already have my Christmas decor planned out....I just need to get the husbeast to hang my shelves back up from painting.  
  8. Brayden absolutely is loving school.  Friday when I picked him up, he refused to leave until he gave his teacher a hug good-bye.  He is doing so wonderfully in school and his teacher and speech therapist are both thrilled with his progress.
  9. Anyone who wants to send me some Martha Stewart glitter, I'll be more than happy to accept.  I have nail polish that needs to be made.
  10. I can't think of anything else so I'm going to go "pinteresting"

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