Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rotten to the core

Don't ever, EVER let this little girl fool you.  She's most certainly a princess, and completely rotten to the core.

She'll bat those long eyelashes at you and flaunt her pretty blue eyes and suck you in.  Beware though.  Once you are sucked in, there is constant moments that couch snuggles included feet in your face, begging for them to be rubbed, moments are questions asked ever so preciously and then her diva mannerisms come out.

She's rotten.  Even more so when Brayden is at school and it is just her.  Today for example we snuggled on the couch and watched Word World and the next thing I know I have a foot in my face and her asking, "kiss momma, kiss".

She knows that he days without Bubby are special.  That she will get doted on and get things like breakfast or lunch at a restaurant.

But don't let her fool you.  She will suck you in with her cuteness.

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