Monday, February 7, 2011

OCD overdrive

I've posted before about my planner obsession and we wont even touch on the pen obsession again.

This falls under the planner obsession...


Especially ones that I can print and decorate.

Over at Home Education Journal, I have discovered not one, but MULTIPLE types of printable calendars...Monthly ones at that like this February one.


Or this one over on SaveDelete where they have the top 10 artistic ones.

Or even better...Creative Momma brings us 12 months of these babies...

Be still my heart.......I need to lie down!

Nope, must go on!

Cool Mom Picks has information regarding this beauty of a 12 monther...

This one though, has to top the cake.  It's a true minimalist design yet ADORABLE!  Jeannie Jeannie should be given mad props for this one.  

I think every room in my house needs a calendar.   

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