Friday, March 25, 2011


When the earthquake hit and then the tsunami came and the power plant starting having serious issues, I started to worry.  I worried because I spent almost three wonderful weeks there in 2004.  I learned the culture, lived with a family that was more than loving to this foreign girl, and made wonderful friendships.

I know that my second family are safe and that they are doing pretty well during all that is going on.  They lost some family but are coping. 

While yes, I did experience massive culture shock while over there, it is amazing over there.  It is beautiful.  Even in Tokyo, amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy city, there is beauty and history in with all of that.  

We visited Hiroshima.  And I was taken back in awe.  Never once while there did we get disgusted looks.  They  all smiled and waved and threw up the typical "peace sign".  The museum and the memorial were overwhelming.  

The Peace Memorial and the A-Building, what remains of a child's tricycle, The A-building(the only building to survive and closest to the point of impact), a little boy's school uniform

You could feel the sorrow and the tears.  I know that the vast majority of us cried while we were there at some point.  But again, it was beautiful.

They've moved on.  They have rebuilt and started to thrive around what was once nothing.   

 I could ramble on about Japan because I fell in love.  I want to take Brad and the kids there one day.  I want them to be as culturally diverse as I was privileged to be.  I want them to learn.  Instead of rambling though, I will leave you with more pictures.

Skyline view of some of Tokyo, Mount Fuji, A bento box, Me and some friends at Mt. Fuji's 5th Station.

A rice field, Comarant fishing, A shrine, another one of our yummy meals.

The Golden Pavilion, Entrance into Miya Jima, a temple bell, Himeji Castle

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