Tuesday, March 8, 2011


That's how I feel right now.  Meh.  Just Meh.  This could be due to the fact that I have a little boy with an ear ache.  A little boy who was up from 10:30 last night until roughly 4 this morning snuggled on the couch with me,a warm cloth over his ear.  We finally got to sleep and he was up around 6:30 again, only this time he came into the bedroom and filled the void where his daddy had slept.  We slept snuggled there until 8:30 and from there cuddles were spent on the couch.  His sister joined the snuggle party about 9:30ish and a quick glance at the couch and there isn't a spot that isn't covered with pillows, blankets, cups and toys.  Possibly a random cookie here or there.

When sickness prevails and snuggles ensue, movie watching comes full force.  Little man's first pick would of course be his newest favorite.  Iron Man.  We're working on Lilo and Stitch now.  The cat and dog are playing, Nitro still is trying to figure out why the cat is bigger than he is.

The rain is moving in, the wind chimes on the patio are going crazy.  Will the laundry pile diminish today, doubtful.  Will the dishes get done, probably only when the hubs gets home.  Will naps be taken by three of the four members of the house, highly probable.  I'm sure that I'll be joined in bed by not only the pooch but the kitty.

If there is one thing that I do do today, it will be cooking The Pioneer Woman's Pan-friend Pork Chops.

I mean, Hello! don't those look yummy???  Mmmm.

So we'll also add to the list of things that I will do opening the box of stuff that I ordered from Old Navy during their stock up and save sale.  Each of the kids now has two pairs of flip flops, some t-shirts and I racked up on some cami's and shirts.

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