Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Because my kids are napping and I'm not doing laundry

I'm going to show you all of the handmade ornaments that I want to make but probably won't this year due to too much other crap going on in my life :)

First up is this freaking adorable cupcake ornament...I <3 cupcakes and so does Aslynn..its a favorite word of hers.  Trust me.  This little bad boy was made by Bake it Pretty and swoon!!

Okay, so I probably will end up at least making these because I have other food hanging on my tree.  

Okay, so I had no intention of the next one being another food BUT again I'm a stickler and bacon calls to me.  Yes.  BACON.  This adorable little bacon ornie was made by Serena...he'll end up on the tree next year!  Fo' sho'!

I'll admit this ornament made over at Cheeky magpie was one of the first that I looked at and bookmarked.  Just as bacon calls to me, so do things that sparkle.  Ask the Hubs.  He'll say I suffer from OSS, Oooo Shiny Syndrome.  It's simple yet elegant and not over the top.

Becoming a mom has sparked a new love of felt in my life and thus why these bad boys are on the list!  BHG produced these cute little felt trees among many others that you should check out!

And for the crocheter in me....this tree ornament over at Craft Passion.  Mostly you see knitted ornaments so finding crocheted ornaments is awesome!  My lack of knitting skills is for another me. But isn't it cute??

I'm going to go thaw out just a little.  For some reason sitting next to the window is C.O.L.D.  Maybe it has something to do with the below freezing temps and sleet...nah.

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