Thursday, December 16, 2010


Search & Win

Oh how I heart thee!  That banner right up there is one step closer to winning free goodies!  I was skeptical after doing so many other "money and goody" schemes but I signed up and couldn't be happier!  All you have to do is search.  That's right.  Search the internet.  In between Facebooking, blogging, tweeting...its simple.  They have tons of things that you can redeem "Swagbucks"-what you earn by searching and doing other things, for.  My favorite is the $5 Amazon gift card.  Its 450 swagbucks and I got my first one on the first night that I started swagging.  Yes!

You also get other random codes for extra bucks and 50 SB for your birthday!  Yes!  You also get them from referrals.

You should really try it out!  I haven't been a member for very long and I've gotten plenty of gift cards that have been saved into my Amazon account!

Go it! You know you want to!!!  You will become hooked!

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