Saturday, December 18, 2010

O' Tannenbaum

I figured that since I posted all of these cute DIY ornaments that I couldn't let you guys not see some of what I have on my tree.  A lot of the ornaments that I have came from when I was little.  So we're talking ornaments from the 80's and early 90's.  Each time I hang them on the tree, I can remember hanging them  on the family tree growing up and how daddy, whose and engineer mind you, would meticulously line lights on each side of the drive and created and way to stick them in PVC pipe to do aide in the process.  He would also take black insulation tubing and cut a slit in it and stick the lights to frame the windows.

One tradition that started growing up and has now moved onto my own family is the collection of Mount Vernon and White House ornaments.  My aunt lives in Alexandria.  To be exact, she actually lives about 20 minutes from Mount Vernon and the same from DC.  So each year she gets my sister and myself the ornaments that they put out.  I always eagerly wait for the package of ornaments.  Maybe I'll post more about those ornaments at another time...who knows.

But for right now, here are some of the ornaments that you can find on my tree.

First tree!!

This ornament is one of the few that have survived.  Yes, I have a few real, glass ornaments on my tree.  This is one of the ones from my childhood.

This Santa ornament was from Gatlinburg and is dated 1987.

This glittery, red pine cone is another from my childhood.

One of my many White House Ornaments.  Each ornament has a specific President and story to go along with it.

My pickle!  Yes, I <3 pickles SO MUCH!  I could live off of them.  So an ornament seemed fitting.

One of my Mount Vernon ornaments, dated 2007.  As with the White House ornaments, each Mount Vernon ornament has a specific reason why it is designed the way it is.

Did you know that Santa is a Bama fan?  I didn't either until I married one.  I went to the University of Tennessee and really do need some orange on my tree. 

This is another Mount Vernon one and one of my most favorite ones.  This one is date from 2009.

I'm lucky to have my green and red glittery balls on the tree.  I bought them at Wal-Mart this year for like a buck for 5 and Aslynn immediately took them over.  I think I have most of the green ones on the tree but only 2 of the red.  Silly girl.

So those are a few of the many ornaments that I have on my tree.  They all have special meanings to me and I hope that I'm able to share them all with my children one day.

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