Saturday, January 8, 2011


That word applies to me.  Yes.  I have an addiction.  No.  It isn't harmful to my health or illegal although I'm sure it could fall under the first one.

What is this addiction you might be wondering.

Recipes and Cookbooks

Yes.  I said Recipes and Cookbooks.

At any given time, you can look in my house and find stacks of cookbooks, old and new, stacks of the little recipes books you get at the store that are for like the crock pot or specifically for Halloween or Christmas.  I also have a spiral notebook with recipes in it.  Stuffed in that notebook is also printed out recipes waiting to be cut and fixed into said notebook.

I also have recipes saved in my bookmarks as well as different websites like Kraft and Betty Crocker.

Earlier this summer I stumbled upon a new website and it just sent my heart into overdrive.


That website right there is 3000+ pages of user submitted websites with recipes.  I was in Heaven!  To this day I am still going through the pages.  It gets updated every day, countless times.  Right now, I sit at page 822.  One day I might get to the end.  Who knows.

Combine that website with another new love of mine and I could spend all day on there.  But alas I have to do that thing called parenting and make my house look somewhat presentable.  At least as presentable as you could with a 2 year old and a 3 year old.

That other new love is called Evernote.  I think that it was created just for me and this soul purpose.

It also works well when I come across a craft tut that I want to try out or a crochet pattern.

My friend Derek said on Facebook the other day when I admitted that I had a recipe/cookbook problem that admitting that I have a problem is the first step.  Do I want to continue on with the other steps.  Nah.  I kinda like this addiction :)

Besides, it was helpful when I moved back in and we ate a new dish every night that I cooked for a little over a month.

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