Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where for art thou blog?

Yeah, I've been busy.  Yeah, that sounds good, so I'm going to stick to that excuse!

Not much really has been going on in my neck of the woods.  I do have an exciting post about Brayden's first day of school coming up, as well as the previously mentioned review on Creepy Cute Crochet, as well as a Valentine's themed blog hop sponsored by my friend Jamie at Glitter, Stamps and Paper, Oh My!  I'm also working on a post about making tile coasters.

I whipped up a batch of home made laundry soap and as we speak it is working it's magic on my towels :)  The hubs still thinks I'm nuts as since I don't have a food processor, I grated that bar of Fels Naptha by hand and it took me two days.  I took breaks, I could only stand so much haha.

Word to my momma as she is back in town for the time being.  Yea, she just left only to turn around and come back two weeks later.

I really need to clean my hardwood floors but I find myself watching Aslynn play with Brayden's battleship and Brayden run around with boxes on his feet.

I'll leave you with a few pictures....

He worked on putting them there so diligently

His end result.  We've been working on colors.

Aslynn has embraced her inner 80's child.

My sweet boy on his first day of school.

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