Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My new pretty

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this beauty

As of right now that bad boy is making it's happy little journey to my house all the way from Thailand.  

You might be wondering why I have an unset stone coming my way and possibly even what is it.

I have high hopes for this stone as my upgrade engagement ring.  No, it isn't a diamond.  That really just isn't how I roll.  Why I love a good sparkle and swoon over diamonds, I'm different.  

My first engagement ring was a 2 carat, trillion cut Pink Sapphire with 3 diamonds flanking each side.  The hubs then felt bad because I didn't have a diamond.  So I got a little antique diamond wedding set.  But I kept going back to the sapphire.

So fast forward to now.  As part of our restrengthening of our marriage he said I could have an upgrade.  Whatever I wanted.  I played with the idea for sometime of an antique setting and fell in love with one actually.  But my mind get floating back to color.  I kept seeing this image of a colored in a diamond halo or legacy setting.  Hubs thought that I would regret not getting a diamond.  I always can get one.  No problem there but it wasn't what I saw.

This bad boy

is a 5.75 carat cushion cut Padaradscha Sapphire.

I love the fact that "Pad" sapphires are various shades of red, orange and pink.  Each pad is different.  The color drew me in.  I kept coming back to it.  I should roughly have this bad boy in my possession in 3 weeks.

I also have my eye on this one if I feel like the size of the Pad is too overbearing.

This is a 3.1 carat cushion cut Pink Sapphire.  

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