Tuesday, January 11, 2011


If any of you know me or even knew me in high school, you know I tend to be a little OCD about planning.

In high school I had a planner and since I essentially had 6 classes, out of 7, that always had assignments those little boxes tend to fill up quickly when you have to write the subject and then of course the assignment.

If you also knew me in high school, you would also know that I had a slight addiction to multicolored gel pens.  I'm talking the kind that you can get with like 50 in a pack that range from neon colors to metallic to sparkles, ect.  Yes.  I had those :)  They made my heart sing.

So of course I had an epiphany.  I'm sure this happened during Organic Chem or Honors English.  Why not make even better use of my addiction.

Thus, each class had it's very own color!  That way all I needed to do was write down the assignment.  I did the same in college when I had to write down my schedule.


I said all of that because I found the greatest thing!  I love planners but the expensive ones that I like are well, just that, EXPENSIVE.  I want one that I can customize.  One that reflects ME.

I was doing my normal blog hopping this morning and stumbled upon this beauty.  Sofia over at Sofia's World just made my year!  I'm so excited to make one of my own but for now I leave you a teaser of her pictures of her planner.

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Sofia said...

i am glad you like it, when you make your own, let me know - i will link your planner to my original post. I can't wait to see how pretty you gonna make yours:)

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