Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Oh Puff"

You could bet money that you would hear that come out of my Grandmother's mouth at least once a day.  It was  her "thing".  She had the same watch with the same leather band for I couldn't tell you how many years.  She always had beer in her antiquated refrigerator in the breezeway.   I wanted that fridge.  It was so awesome.  In that same fridge were cokes galore for her grandchildren.  She had a big barn on her property, which backed up to the Cass River, and inside that barn my Grandfather had his room.  The walls and ceilings were plastered with pin-ups from days gone by.  He was a sailor.  I don't remember him, he passed away when I was 3 and a half.

I remember spending summer days at her house, when we would visit Michigan, sitting under her big tree at the picnic table, vacuuming her cat Boober.  That was one fat cat.  I remember the outhouse building that still stood from when my mom and aunts were little.  Flowers were planted in it now.  I remember in the dining room, on one of her hutches she always had a container of Twizzlers for my cousin Jason and a bowl of Andes mints for me.

It's a davenport not a couch.

I remember that I hadn't been to Michigan since my cousin Jason graduated high school in 1999 I think it was.  She came to see Brayden in 2007 after he was born. He was her first great-grandson and so far her only one. She never physically met Aslynn.  But she always saw plenty of pictures of her.

2009 was the first time I had been back to Michigan in 10 years.  It was to bury one of the greatest people in my life.

My grandmother lived a wonderful life and was blessed in so many ways.  She passed away 2 years exactly today.  We buried her on the 19th.  And I miss her every day.

I love you Grandma!!!

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